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Bottom Line up Front


Characteristics of Multinational Corps Northeast

Multinational Corps Northeast continues to be a High Readiness Force, standing by to react swiftly at any time to a change of situation.

This is more important as we are at NATO’s forefront on its north-eastern flank given the current military aspects of the security environment.

As a result of the decisions of the NATO summits in Wales and Warsaw, Multinational Corps Northeast has a permanent mission reaching from peacetime through crisis up to potential conflict. We are ON MISSION today and every day.

Consequently, the focus of our planning and training and exercise lies on the real-life preparations. We are the first to take NATO’s activities in this regard to increasingly detailed levels, thus continually enhancing our capacity to respond to changes in the security environment and thus strengthening deterrence.

Finally, we are the only High Readiness Force Land Headquarters tasked with a clear regional responsibility and correspondingly assigned subordinate formations. Hence, we are the Land force integrator for this region and the hub for coordination of respective activities. This specifically pertains to the options of the deployment of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force of the NATO RESPONSE FORCE.

Summing up, these characteristics translate into a demanding level of ambition.

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