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The Five Ws


A Regional Land Component Command Headquarters Multinational Corps Northeast (HQ MNC NE) serves as a persistently present, regionally focused HQ ready and stand-by to take the lead in military land activities across the north-eastern flank of NATO as a Land Component Command. The HQ MNC NE staff consists of more than 400 people, representing 22 Allied nations and partners. The HQ is supported by an organic Command Support Brigade and executes command and control over two Multinational Divisions; Estonian Division; four enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroups each integrated in a National Home Defence Forces Brigade and four NATO Force Integration Units.

Military Key Guarantor of Peace in the Region

HQ MNC NE has become a significant contributor to NATO’s credible deterrence in the Baltic Sea Region and a military key guarantor for peace and stability in the region. HQ MNC NE is the provider of Unity of Command for NATO activities in the Baltic Sea Region. It has ultimately assumed the overall responsibility for conducting land operations across its strategically vital territory. As the highest NATO command in the Baltic Sea Region the HQ is assigned responsibility for the ground troops from NATO nations, already deployed on the eastern flank of the Alliance. If need be, we are ready to command and control many more, including the land part of the NATO Response Force and its spearhead force.

HQ MNC NE and its subordinate units train for defensive operations, in order to deter and if needed defend Alliance nations’ territory and sovereignty against attack and subsequently to defeat any aggressor. We conduct exercises to send a clear message to our own nations and to anyone who might consider challenging NATO: We are capable and ready to cope with the military challenges in the region at any time. Exercises demonstrate a credible deterrence and the Alliance standing ready to defend all Allies and are committed to protecting our shared values. Exercises help our forces work together effectively and contribute to regional security and stability.

NATO’s North-Eastern Flank
HQ MNC NE is already deployed in its assigned Area of Operations as the Regional Land Component Command on the north-eastern flank of the Alliance. NATO has been present in Szczecin, Poland for more than 20 years. HQ MNC NE maintains excellent relations with the local community as well as close cooperation to the Baltic States and the host nation of Poland.

Stand-By and Ready at Any Time
HQ MNC NE is permanently on stand-by and ready to take the lead in land combat operations across the north-eastern flank of NATO. We are fully trained to react on very short notice or even immediately.

To Protect and Defend our Security, our Freedom, and our common Values
NATO guarantees the security of our territory and population, our freedom, and the values we share – including democracy, individual liberty, human rights and the rule of law. HQ MNC NE is committed to perform its duty as NATO’s Regional Land Component Command, assuring peace and stability in the region.

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