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Exceptions for "the shopping hours for senior citizens" (10:00-12:00)

All petrol stations are excluded from "the shopping hours for senior citizens" (the time slot from10:00 to 12:00 when only customers aged over 65 are being served). Yet, the limit on the number of customers is still in force, -i.e. only 3 customers per every till available are allowed to be at the petrol station at the same time.

During "the shopping hours for senior citizens" pharmacies are allowed to serve customers who are in dire need of medicines or foods for special medical purposes which they have to purchase due to an immediate risk to their life or health.

Source: https://www.gov.pl/web/koronawirus/kolejne-kroki

We are introducing further restrictions due to COVID-19. Starting on 1 April until further notice minors will be allowed to leave home only when accompanied by an adult; parks, boulevards and beaches will be closed.
Violating these restrictions is punishable by fine of 5 000 PLN up to 30 000 PLN. Furthermore, we introduce new rules for shopping and we suspend business activity of all hair salons, beauty parlours and tattoo studios.

What will change?

In order to stop the spread of coronavirus in Poland, we have to take further steps. Even though most Poles follow the governmental recommendations, there are still cases which expose us all to the threat of getting infected with coronavirus. Examples from other countries show that is essential to maximally limit social contacts in order to stop new infections. We have to stem the spread of coronavirus at all costs. Thus, we have to stay cautious and follow the new rules!

It is of utmost importance as the peak of coronavirus infections is still ahead of us.

Please bear in mind that if you don't obey the rules, you will face a fine of 5 000 PLN up to 30 000 PLN.

Limit on the number of customers in shops, markets and post offices (from 1.04.2020)

  • Shops and service centres

The total number of customers in all shops and supermarkets amounts to the number of tills (cash registers) multiplied by 3.
EXAMPLE: If there are 5 tills in a shop, up to 15 customers can be in a shop at the same time.

EXAMPLE: If there are 3 tills in a bank branch, up to 9 customers can be present there. This applies to the total number of cash registers in a shop – not the ones which are currently occupied.

  •  Markets – 3 customers per 1 stall
Similar limitations will be placed on markets and stalls. Here, the total number of customers cannot exceed the number of stall multiplied by three.
EXAMPLE: If there are 20 stands at a market, the total number of customers is 60.

  • Post offices – 2 customers per 1 till
The total number of customers at a post office amounts to the number of tills multiplied by 2.

EXAMPLE: If there are 5 tills, up to 10 customers can be at this post office.

Limitations on the opening hours of hardware stores and new obligations for all shops

Large hardware stores will be closed at weekends.
All shops will have to follow new stricter safety rules:

  • starting on 2 April (Thursday) all customers have to shop wearing single-use gloves
  • from 10:00 to 12:00 alls shops will serve only customers aged over 65. In the remaining opening hours shops will be open to all customers.

Hotels and sleeping facilities closed

Hotels and short-term rental properties will be closed. They can be used solely for quarantine or isolation purposes as well as for accommodation for medical personnel.
All guests have to leave hotels until 2 April 2020 (Thursday).
This rule does not apply to business travellers who stay at a hotel while performing theirs professional duties.

Obligatory quarantine for relatives of persons in quarantine (1 April 2020)

We are extending the list of persons who will be obliged to undergo home quarantine. Every person living with an individual directed to undergo home quarantine will also have to undergo home quarantine themselves. The rules will apply to persons who reside in one flat / house with the persons directed to undergo home quarantine from 1 April 2020 on.
Example: if one of the persons you live with (one of your flatmates) is undergoing home quarantine starting on 1 April 2020 because of one of the following reasons, you will have to undergo home quarantine as well:

  • this person has returned from abroad
  • this person has had contact with an infected individual.

Suspension of rehabilitation and closing beauty parlours and hair salons

All hair salons, beauty parlours, tattoo studios and piercing shops are closed without exceptions. What is more, these services cannot be provided out of salons and shops – no outcalls and house visits are allowed.

We are suspending all rehabilitation treatments and massages – both in public and private facilities. The only exception is when rehabilitation is absolutely necessary due to the patient's condition.

Minors are forbidden from leaving their homes without an adult's supervision.

Children and teenagers under the age of 18 will not be allowed to leave their homes unless they are accompanied by their parent, legal guardian or an adult.

All limitations concerning movement of persons remain in force. It is still not allowed to leave one's home with the following exceptions:

  • commuting to work
    If you are an employee, run a business or have a farm, you have the right to commute to work. You also have the right to leave your home to buy products and services necessary for your professional activities.
  • Voluntary work to combat coronavirus
    If you are active in combating coronavirus and help people in need who are quarantined or persons who should not leave their homes, you are allowed to move around when undertaking this activity.
  • Matters necessary in everyday life.
    You will be allowed to move to do necessary shopping, buy medicines, go to the doctor, take care of your relatives and loved ones or walk your dog.

It is forbidden to go to parks, beaches, boulevards, promenades or use city bikes

It will be forbidden – until further notice – to visit beaches and public green areas. This ban includes parks, lawns, promenades, botanic gardens, zoos or public gardens. The recent experiences prove that people gather in the aforementioned places, which results in a higher risk of spreading the infection.
For the same reason we limit the use of city bikes.

Minimal distance between pedestrians is 2 metres

We introduce the obligation to keep at least a 2-metre distance between pedestrians. It also applies to families, relatives and your loved ones.

The following persons shall be excluded from this obligation:

  • Parents will children who require care (up to 13 years old)
  • Persons with disabilities or persons who are unable to move on their own and their caregivers.

Administration / public offices

Public institutions will carry out their duties remotely. The only exception are activities which cannot be performed remotely.

Limited number of passengers in vehicles with more than 9 seats (starting on 2 April 2020)

The public transport follows the rule "the number of passengers allowed is equal to half the number of the seats in the vehicle". We extend this requirement to vehicles with more than 9 seats, including private transport – e.g. vehicles transporting workers in an organized manner or private transport companies.
EXAMPLE: If there are 20 seats in the vehicle, there can be only up to 10 persons on board.

Important! These requirements will enter into force on Thursday, 2 April 2020 and do not apply to passenger cars.

Workplaces – additional protection for employees (from 2 April 2020)

Employers will be obliged to ensure additional protective measures for their employees. That is:

  • Workplaces of employees have to be at least 1.5 metres apart from each other.
  • Employees are obliged to use gloves or have access to disinfection liquids.

Important! Employers have to ensure these protective measures starting on Thursday, 2 April 2020.

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