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Official Statement by the Polish Government 13 May

Source: https://www.gov.pl/web/koronawirus/3etap (as of MAY 13)

Business activities – Poland will reopen beauty parlours, hair salons and restaurants

Starting from 18 May 2020, we will be able to:

• visits beauty parlours and hair salons

• eat in restaurants, cafés, bars or food courts in shopping malls.

Important! You can have your meal inside a restaurant or outside in its outdoor seating.

Reopening restaurants and bars will be permitted only with proper sanitation which will ensure safety of the staff and customers. Rules which have to be followed were prepared during consultations with entrepreneurs from different industries.

Recommendations for beauty parlours:

• both customers and staff have to wear face masks, goggles or face shields (in hair salons, beauty parlours – if possible, depending on the treatment);

• using disposable paper towels if possible;

• treatments only upon phone or online appointment.

Note: Customers cannot wait for their treatments in the waiting room.

Requirements and recommendations for restaurants, bars and cafés:

• restriction on the number of persons inside the restaurant (at least 4 m2 per 1 person);

• disinfecting tables after every customer;

• keeping 2 m distance between tables.

Important! Tables can be 1 m apart if they are separated by an additional barrier of at least 1 m height above the level of the table;

• keeping 1.5 m distance from the customers sitting at other tables;

• cooks and staff have to wear face masks and gloves.

Important! Customers can take off their face masks when seated at their tables.

Social life – childcare at schools, consultations with teachers and new restrictions on public transport

CHILDCARE AND EDUCATION (from 18 May, 25 May and 1 June)

We will introduce changes to the rules pertaining to childcare and education. Starting from 18 May 2020, the following classes can be conducted:

• practical classes in colleges (Pol. szkoła policealna)

• revalidation and education classes and early development support as well as special revalidation.

On 18 May educational establishments and institutions with lodgings and educational activities will be reopened. These are: youth hostels, sports facilities and community centres for underprivileged children.

From 25 May we will make it possible to conduct:

• socio-educational training for children in primary schools (grades 1-3)

• consultations with teachers in schools for A-level students and eighth graders in particular regarding subjects to be tested during final exams. Consultations can be held individually or in small groups.

Important! We are extending care allowance for parents of children up to 8 years of age.

From 1 June – consultations in schools with teachers for all students in all subjects.

Important! From 17 May minors under the age of 13 will be allowed to leave home without the supervision of an adult guardian.


We are increasing the total number of passengers in public transport. Starting from 18 May, more passengers will be allowed to use the same bus, tube or metro. Public transport operators will decide if they want to make use of this regulation. How many passengers can be on board?

• Half the number of all seats in the vehicle (as it has been so far)


• 30% of the total seating and standing capacity of the vehicle (yet, half of the numbers of seats has to be free).

Example – in a bus, if the total seating capacity is 30 and standing capacity is 70 (100 in total), then up to 30 passengers can be on board at the same time. Yet, half of the seats has to be free. So far only 15 passengers could travel by this bus.


We are also easing restriction on the number of persons allowed at places of worship and religious gatherings. Starting from 17 May, there can be one person per 10m2 during a service or other religious gathering. So far a maximum of one person per 15 m2 of space were required.

SPORT (from 18 May)

Starting from Monday, 18 May 2020, we will increase the number of persons practising at outdoor sports facilities.

• Up to 14 persons (+ 2 trainers) can be present at stadiums, sports fields, ski jumps, lanes, local football and volleyball-basketball fields (Pol. Orlik), skate parks;

• Up to 22 persons (+ 4 trainers) can be present on outdoor full-size football fields.

Note: A football field can be divided into two parts by a safety buffer. If there is a 5-metre safety buffer zone, up to 16 persons + 3 trainers can be present at each part of the field. If divided, up to 32 persons (+ 6 trainers) can be present on outdoor full-size football fields.

From 18 May, it will also be possible to organise classes at indoor sports facilities.

In gymnasiums and sports halls the total number of people present amounts to:

• 12 persons + 1 trainer (facilities up to 300 m2)

• 16 persons + 2 trainers (facilities from 301 to 800 m2)

• 24 persons + 2 trainers (facilities from 801 to 1000 m2)

• 32 persons + 3 trainers (facilities bigger than 1000 m2)

Important! At indoor facilities you cannot use changing rooms and showers (only toilets). All devices have to be sanitised after every class.

CULTURE (from 18 May)

We will also ease restrictions on cultural life. Starting from 18 May:

• open-air cinemas (including drive-in cinemas) can reopen,

• on-set work can be resumed (following sanitary requirements),

• audio and audiovisual recordings in cultural facilities can be resumed,

• individual classes at art academies can be conducted,

• rehearsals and workshops can be resumed.

UNIVERSITIES (from 25 May)

We want to make it possible for the universities to:

• conduct courses (for final-year students),

• resume classes which cannot be taught online.

Furthermore, it will be possible to resume courses for PhD students as well classes conducted in laboratories and medical simulation centres.

Note: Detailed regulations and further requirements for the new rules will be published in a regulation which will be sent for consultation.

Let's stay healthy – the most important safety rules

Even though further restrictions have been lifted, we still have to obey basic safety rules which have to become our daily routine. What rules do we have to follow?

• Keep 2 metre distance from other people in public space

• Cover nose and mouth in public places

• Work from home if possible

• Stay at home if you can

Stick to sanitary rules in crowded places, especially in restaurants, hair salons and beauty parlours.

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