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Multinational Divisions

Multinational Division Northeast in Elblag (Poland) and Multinational Division North (Latvia) coordinate the activities of the enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroups in peacetime and, if need be, they will carry out collective defence operations.

Multinational Division Northeast

On December 6, 2018, Headquarters Multinational Division North East (HQ MND-NE) confirmed its 24/7 readiness to operate within the scope of collective defence in accordance with Article 5 of the Washington Treaty. It is also fully prepared to take responsibility for coordinating the eFP Battle Groups’ activities in peacetime.

The eFP troops have been integrated into their host nations’ brigades and are intended to function under the newly certified Division Headquarters. From there, the chain of command leads up to Headquarters Multinational Corps Northeast as the highest body of the NATO Force Structure in the region. HQ MND-NE rests upon the major contribution of Poland as its framework nation. In total, there are 280 positions within the unit structure. 75 of them are manned by multinational personnel representing 14 NATO states. Now certified, the Division enhances its superior Headquarters’ capabilities.

Inauguration of MND NE, Elbląg, Poland, July 3, 2017. Photo by Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Poland 
HQ MND NE. Elbląg, Poland. Photo by Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Poland

Multinational Division North

On 8th of March in Adazi, Latvia, Danish, Estonian and Latvian Defence Ministers officially opened Headquarters Multinational Division North (MND N). This new unit is first of its kind in the northern part of the Baltic Sea region and will further enhance safety, security and NATO’s defence capabilities. The main element of the Danish-led headquarters is located in Adazi with a smaller cell present in Karup/Slagelse, Denmark. 

Framework Nations of MND N are respectively Denmark, Latvia and Estonia. The new divisional headquarters will be a part of NATO’s Force Structure and will fit in to currently existing Command & Control structure. Its main task will involve support in defence planning of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, co-ordination of regional military activities, including enhanced Forward Presence forces.

Multinational Division North is a second, following Multinational Division North-East, command of this level on the Eastern Flank of the Alliance.

Inauguration of MND-N, Adazi, Latvia,March 8, 2019.
MND-N coordinates regional military activities, including enhanced Forward Presence forces.

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