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Apr 10 2022

Captain Christian C.: I do my part to develop Division NORTH

Captain Christian of the Danish Army, Headquarters Multinational Division North

This is me

Freedom defines our way of life but freedom isn't free. Therefore, we who can must do our part to ensure that our way of life is kept secure from all threats, foreign and domestic. I'm on my mission to Latvia, to do my part, as a NATO Soldier, ensuring the security and freedom of the Baltic nations. My name is Christian and I am a Captain in the Danish Army. I am 37 years old and have served in the armed forces since 2004. I have several deployments to different conflict zones and am now enjoying my time in the beautiful country of Latvia. I enjoy using my spare time exploring the outdoors. I particularly enjoy climbing and kayaking, and while climbing options in the outdoors is limited, there is no shortage of rivers and lakes to explore!


This is my task on deployment

My tasks are very diverse, but they mostly revolve around administrative tasks – while I initially thought it would be very tedious, it has very pleasantly been anything but. I enjoy a wide range of tasks, which keep me challenged and continuously help me in my own professional development.

What makes my job here special

From my perspective, I feel that the task at hand makes this an important job. In the time I have spent in Latvia, I have had the pleasure to learn a fair deal about the Latvian people and their culture. I have found that this country has a rich and proud culture, and I am honored to have the chance to help support their continued independence, not only Latvian, but also Estonian, which is an equally fascinating country.

These are my plans

For the remainder of my mission, I intend to learn more about Latvian Culture and see more of their Cultural sites. On the work side of things I will continue to do my part to help the development of Multinational Division North, and I look forward to seeing the division complete and pass its Combat Readiness Evaluation. What I will do when I return home is still unknown, however a return to the division in the future is most definitely not out of the question. I would like to extend my greetings to the Armed forces of Latvia and Estonia, for all the support they have given us. Additionally I would like to extend my greetings to all other soldiers serving in NATO and partnership nations, and recommend a trip to the division, it will definitely be worth the while!


Story by Multinational Corps Northeast Public Affairs Office

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