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Aug 22 2021

MAJOR Aaron M.: CIMIC planNer in Estonia

NATO's eastern flank: From Estonia to Hungary servicemen and women from more than 20 countries fulfil their duties every day. But what exactly are they doing there? What is their specific task? What motivates them, what drives them? In the "I'm on (my) mission" series, we would like to personally introduce a few of them to you.

This is me

I am MAJ Aron Magony, 39 years old, I am from Hungary, married and we have one child.

Currently I serve at the NFIU Estonia J-3/5 section as a CIMIC planner.

Merle Norit, PAO NFIU Estonia

These are my tasks

I was interested in the military at quite an early age, so I decided to go to a military secondary school when I was 15. I graduated at the secondary school and continued my training at the military academy in Budapest where I commissioned as a young lieutenant in 2004. I started to serve as a financial officer for a radar regiment of the Hungarian Defence Forces.

After a decade serving in different financial positions from tactical level units for MoD level budget management, I felt that I would like to do something else, so I decided to change to CIMIC. Now I am very happy and satisfied with my new discipline.

This is what makes my job special

I was deployed three times to abroad, I served for one year in Egypt with the Multinational Force and Observers, then I had two tours to the Balkan Peninsula once in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and once in Kosovo. I earned really useful experiences during my missions that will aid me in future accomplishments.

Close interactions with Police and Border Guard Board as well as other organizations is needed to get good overview of Estonian civil environment.
Photograph by Merle Norit, PAO NFIU Estonia

These are my future plans

I spend most of my free time with my family but I still try to do my favorite hobbies like reading history, playing computer games as well as walking in nature.

I will stay at my position for two more years, then I will return to Hungary with my family. I hope, that I can return to the CIMIC and PSYOPS Center which was my previous unit before I came to Estonia. I really liked to work there and I believe I could use my new experiences to benefit my old unit.

Jägala waterfall is a popular hiking destination in Estonia. It is especially interesting sight during winter, when the water freezes and the waterfall turns into ice wall.

Photograph by Aaron Magony

Story by Multinational Corps Northeast Public Affairs Office

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