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Mar 3 2023

Sergeant Amalie L.: I have developed as a soldier and a leader

Sergeant Amalie L. of the Norwegian Army, a motor transport operator and an instructor with NATO eFP Battlegroup Lithuania*

One of Sergeant Amalie's task is the provision of equipment and other services to the troops. "Without these fundamentals my company wouldn’t be able to train and fight," says Amalie.

This is me

I am Sergeant Amalie from Norway. I am 22 years old, and I serve with the 1st Armoured Battalion in Setermoen, Indre Troms. It is up in the north of Norway. Originally, I am from the Oslo area. We operate Leopard 2 Main Battle Tanks and CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles. In Lithuania, I am responsible for logistics for our Norwegian Battle Company (BC) as part of the multinational enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup Lithuania. I have been with the Norwegian Army for four years, and this is my first deployment.

I am a cross fit enthusiast, and I do cross country skiing. I also like hiking in the mountains, especially in winter. On deployment in Lithuania, there is so much to do that my daily activities keep me fit.

This is my task on deployment

My task in Lithuania encompasses the provision of equipment, and other materiel and services to the troops. This is important because without covering these fundamentals my company wouldn’t be able to train and fight, and we wouldn’t achieve our overall mission goals here. For that reason, my team has a number of trucks. In my area of responsibility, fifty percent of service members are women.

Sergeant Amalie serves alongside multiple nations with NATO eFP Battlegroup Lithuania; in her immediate environment fifty percent of service members are women.
What makes this deployment special is the intensity of the training exercise programme. I am really impressed with and proud of my team. Everyone is forging forward, and we are still strong and fighting together.

My take on working in a multinational environment? It has been a little challenging, there is a lot of differences on how every nation does their job. We give and take from our cultures and create one that’s efficient. It takes some time to get used to it, but I believe it makes us stronger together. I have developed myself as a soldier but furthermore as a leader. 

These are my plans

I am now towards the end of my operational deployment in Lithuania. When I get back to Norway, my team will be waiting — I have personnel to lead there, too. I am looking forward to meeting new teammates, who joint my team while I was deployed. There will be a lot of new faces. Additionally, I will continue my career path up the military system. Aside from that, I am considering to study Crisis Management. I believe it would come in very useful in my military profession as it is similar to what we do in the army. My army contract terminates in a year, but I am planning to extend it and stay longer.

*This article was written during SGT Amalie's deployment to Lithuania, August 2022February 2023

Story by Multinational Corps Northeast Public Affairs Office, based on release by NATO eFP Battlegroup Lithuania 

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