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Sep 1 2021

Sergeant Christoph F.: transportation in a multinational environment

NATO's eastern flank: From Estonia to Hungary servicemen and women from more than 20 countries fulfil their duties every day. But what exactly are they doing there? What is their specific task? What motivates them, what drives them? In the "I'm on (my) mission" series, we would like to personally introduce a few of them to you.

This is me

I am Sergeant Christoph Funk. I am 36 years old, and I am married with two children. Between 2004 and 2008, I already served as a transportation soldier with 142 Logistics Battalion in Eggesin. There, I also met my wife. After leaving the military, I spent several years working as a driver and construction machine operator. In 2018, I rejoined the Bundeswehr. Ever since, I have been assigned as a transportation non-commissioned officer (NCO) to the 3rd Company of 610 Signal Battalion in Prenzlau. In my spare time, I often take my daughters to horse riding competitions. Whenever I have time for myself, I climb on my 250 Yamaha motorbike for a ride on the motocross track.

Sergeant Funk is a transportation NCO with 610 Signal Battalion in Prenzlau.
Photograph by PAO MNC NE
He is responsible for everything related to vehicles, including classroom and hands-on technical training.
Photograph by PAO MNC NE

These are my tasks

My core tasks as deputy group leader cover everything related to vehicles of the German Armed Forces. Besides practical driver training, this includes classroom and hands-on technical training. The soldiers learn, for instance, how to tilt the cabin of a truck or carry out scheduled maintenance works. I am responsible not only for the vehicles, but also for the load carried on the vehicles. I check whether the load has been properly secured.

This is what makes my job special

Signal Battalion 610 is part of the German-Polish Command Support Brigade (CSB). The CSB provides force protection, signal, and transportation and logistics services to Multinational Corps Northeast in Szczecin.

Three times a year, we take part in a large-scale exercise. There, we are responsible for setting up, operating, disassembling and transporting the necessary material. My favourite aspect is being able to pass on my knowledge and skills to the soldiers during driver training. I have found that there is room for improvement in many areas such as anti-skid chain installation, vehicle manoeuvring or off-road vehicle recovery. These are the areas where I like to help. During the exercises, I meet many soldiers from different nations. This is an opportunity to learn from one another about the different equipment and methods used.

He is responsible for everything related to vehicles.
Photograph by PAO MNC NE

These are my future plans

I have applied for transition to a senior non-commissioned officer (SNCO) career. I would like to be a transportation and motor SNCO. I hope to receive some good news soon. Since I built a house last year, there is always work to do. Life will definitely continue to be interesting, both on a personal and on a professional level.

In his spare time, he rides his Yamaha motorbike on the motocross track or takes his children to horse riding competitions.

Photograph by PAO MNC NE

Story by Multinational Corps Northeast Public Affairs Office

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