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Aug 2 2018

Proven Adaptability

On 1 August, Vice Admiral Joachim Rühle, Vice Chief of Defence of Germany, paid a visit to Headquarters Multinational Corps Northeast (HQ MNC NE). Our distinguished guest was familiarised with the current high-readiness status of HQ MNC NE and shared his insight on security-related issues in the Baltic region.  

Vice Admiral Rühle met with the Corps’ flag officers to get updated on the latest developments within the Corps. Germany – alongside Poland and Denmark – is one of the Corps’ framework nations and, as such, pays particular attention to the Szczecin-based command. As emphasized by the Admiral, HQ MNC NE is of the upmost importance for the security of the Baltic area: 

It’s the most important Headquarters in the region. As a framework nation, we are very satisfied with its performance and adaptability. It definitely makes a difference in this part of the world.

At the same time, Admiral Rühle reminded of how crucial the enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) initiative is – both for the Corps and Germany, which leads the eFP Battle Group in Lithuania.

Vice Admiral Joachim Rühle, Vice Chief of Defence of Germany, in an interview with Multinational Corps Northeast.
It demonstrates dedication of NATO to defend even the smallest Allies and stick together as one big coalition, which has proven to be the most effective coalition in the world. Therefore, I am convinced that sending German troops to Lithuania has been a right thing to do.” – said the Admiral.

He also stressed that Headquarters Multinational Corps Northeast is the key pillar bracing this system on the ground as the only command with a comprehensive understanding of the Baltic region. He highly praised how HQ MNC NE coordinates the activities of the newly established structures while operating at the highest level of readiness itself.

Bringing his remarks to an end, Admiral Rühle stressed that the past few years were a period of enhancing security along NATO’s eastern flank. He expressed his conviction that this process will continue as the changes in NATO’s Force and Command Structure go on.

Story by Multinational Corps Northeast Public Affairs Office

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