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 Sep 23 2019

Grand Celebrations

On 21 September, Multinational Corps Northeast celebrated its 20th anniversary with an official ceremony at Wały Chrobrego (the Chrobry Embankment) in Szczecin. The event was marked by a military parade held in the presence of many honourable guests and the city’s residents.

The ceremony was conducted at the most representative venue of Szczecin. It started with the multinational flag party and honour guards of Denmark, Germany and Poland marching in to the historic Chrobry Embankment. In addition, military bands and the Corps’ service members participated in the parade as well. When on site, the troops lined up in formation in front of the distinguished visitors’ gallery. The event culminated in a flyover by planes and helicopters in order to highlight the occasion’s significance.

In his speech, Lieutenant General Sławomir Wojciechowski, Commander Multinational Corps Northeast, emphasized that the 20th anniversary was a turning point in the development of the Corps. The General’s address was followed with remarks delivered by Lieutenant General Stephan Thomas, Vice Chief of Defence of Germany, Rear Admiral Frank Trojahn, acting Vice Chief of Defence of Denmark, and Krzysztof Soska, Vice Mayor of Szczecin. The President, the Prime Minister and the Minister of National Defence of Poland gave their congratulations in letters. On the occasion of the anniversary, a number of soldiers were presented with medals and decorations in recognition of their exceptional service.

Later in the evening, the official part of the ceremony concluded with the Serenade which is a time-honoured tradition holding a prominent place in German military music. The Serenade of six compositions was performed by the Army Band Neubrandenburg as an expression of respect to the Corps’ current and former service members .

The 20th anniversary festivities lasted the entire weekend and came to a close on Sunday, 22 September. They were open to the public and provided a great many entertainment opportunities for families. The event at the Chrobry Embankment featured a static display of military equipment, such as armoured vehicles and vessels from across NATO. It is estimated that 25,000 people participated in the two-day celebrations.

20 years of MNC NE

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Military picnic at Wały Chrobrego

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Story by Multinational Corps Northeast Public Affairs Office

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