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Oct 25 2019


On October 14 to 25, Headquarters Multinational Corps Northeast (HQ MNC NE) conducted the Battle Staff Training “Griffin Lightning 2019”. The event concluded this year’s training programme which was focused on the Corps’ Land Component Command role in the Baltic region.

"Griffin Lightning 2019” was carried out both in Poland and in Lithuania. The Corps’ staff operated from the Main Command Post located in the vicinity of Drawsko Pomorskie and from its forward element, the Tactical Command Post, deployed to the periphery of Vilnius.

The training was designed to enhance the Corps’ readiness to execute full-spectrum military operations in an increasingly complex and demanding regional environment. The scenario reflected all the major challenges which would have to be taken on if engaged in a defensive war. By being fully autonomous and deployable, HQ MNC NE has demonstrated their preparedness to complete almost any field operation quickly and efficiently anywhere, anytime.

LTG Sławomir Wojciechowski, the Commander of MNC NE, in Vilnius during the training of an airlift from Poland to Lithuania, the location for the TACCP of exercise Griffin Lightning 2019.

During “Griffin Lightning 2019”, LTG Sławomir Wojciechowski, the Commander of MNC NE, made several working visits across the Baltic Sea region, which forms the Corps’ Area of Operations. They were set in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, where the General inspected HQ MNC NE’s subordinate units, including the eFP Battle Groups and the NATO Force Integration Units. He stressed how vital it was to plan, exercise and foster relations with those who are affiliated to the Corps.

Even though “Griffin Lightning 2019” was predominantly dedicated to increasing the Corps’ command and control capabilities, it also witnessed real-life manouevres, such as the rapid airlift of forward forces to Lithuania. As emphasized by LTG Wojciechowski, this is how HQ MNC NE affrimed their commitment to a continuous transformation, which encompasses the development of a flexible and interoperable Land Component Command.

Deployment for Griffin Lightnig 19

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Battle Staff Training Griffin Lightning 19

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Battle Staff Training Griffin Lightning 19 TAC CP Lithuania  

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Story by Multinational Corps Northeast Public Affairs Office

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