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Oct 17 2019

MilReps in Poland

On 15 October, a delegation of Military Representatives to the NATO Military Committee (MILREPs) started their two-day work trip to Poland with a visit at Headquarters Multinational Corps Northeast (HQ MNC NE). Their principal focus was placed on activities related to the enhanced Forward Presence (eFP).

The NATO Military Committee is the senior military authority in NATO. It consists of the Allied Chiefs of Defence’s appointees and is responsible for giving guidance to the two NATO Strategic Commanders – Supreme Allied Commander Europe and Supreme Allied Commander Transformation. Thus, it provides a vital link between the political decision-making process and the military structure of NATO.

While in Poland, the MILREPs were accompanied by a delegation from the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces. In addition, the high-ranking group included representatives of the four eFP Battle Groups. After leaving Szczecin, the MILREPs together with LTG Sławomir Wojciechowski, the Commander of MNC NE, travelled to the Warmia-Masuria Province in order to make an inspection visit to Headquarters Multinational Division North East, 15th Polish Mechanized Brigade and eFP Battle Group Poland. In each of these venues, the delegates received the latest information on the current status of the enhanced Forward Presence and its developments.

Since 2017, HQ MNC NE has been actively engaged in the eFP, which is built upon four multinational Battle Groups stationed in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. They have been integrated into their host nations’ brigades to ensure maximum cohesion between Allied forces. Each of the Battle Groups consists of about 1000 soldiers and is led by its assigned framework nation – the United States in Poland, the United Kingdom in Estonia, Canada in Latvia, and Germany in Lithuania.

Story by Multinational Corps Northeast Public Affairs Office

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