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Nov 14 2019



On 13 November, Headquarters Multinational Corps Northeast (HQ MNC NE) celebrated the 101st anniversary of Poland regaining its statehood. Nowadays, the Polish Independence Day is one of the most significant national holidays for Poles at home and abroad.

Officially, Polish Independence Day falls on 11 November. This consequential date marks a chain of events which led to the re-establishment of Poland as an independent state in 1918. World War I brought an end to the European land-based empires of Austria-Hungary, Prussia and Russia. It was then that Poland – partitioned by those three in 1795 – re-emerged as a parliamentary republic. The state regained its liberty after 123 years of political subordination to the powerful and mighty neighbours. After struggling for independence throughout the whole 19th century, the Polish people dedicated themselves to the enormous task of harmonizing the three economies and administrations. Over time, they have managed to gradually reconstitute the country's shattered foundations and consolidate a democratic and independent Poland.

“As soldiers, we understand particularly well the priceless value of freedom of the country and nation.” – said COL Sławomir Gutman, the Polish Senior National Officer for MNC NE, during his opening address – “Thus, I believe that today’s ceremony is important not only for Poles but also for each of you participating.”

The celebration held at Baltic Barracks brought together the Corps’ Polish and international staff as well as distinguished guests, including Prof. Grzegorz Ciechanowski of the Szczecin University. As the guest speaker, he delivered an in-depth lecture covering the most important aspect of the restoration of Poland’s sovereignty. Moreover, the gathering served as an opportunity to present with medals and promote the soldiers who distinguished themselves by their outstanding professional performance.

Story by Multinational Corps Northeast Public Affairs Office

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