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Jun 29 2021

Command Senior Enlisted Leaders from across NATO met for high-level conference

SZCZECIN, Poland - On 22-23 June, CWO Michael Hamilton, Command Senior Enlisted Leader (CSEL) Multinational Corps Northeast  attended one of the keystone annual meetings for CSELs and Command Sergeant-Majors (CSMs) - the Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) 4th CSEL Conference, held  in Valencia, Spain. At Headquarters NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Spain (NRDC-ESP), the LANDCOM CSM hosted NATO Force Structure (NFS) CSELs and National CSMs for two days of meetings, briefings and coordination of efforts, all seeking to continue to improve the professionalization and employability of 2 million strong Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and Non-Commissioned Members (NCMs) across NATO.

In the previous three years, concerted efforts by Command Senior Enlisted Leaders have led to the acknowledgement and support of a cohesive approach to the professional development and education of NCOs and NCMs.
This year, Allied Command Operations (ACO) CSM Siim Saliste stressed that as a collective group, NCOs have made great strides in expanding professional and technical acceptance across NATO
and now is the time for all NCOs and NCMs to demonstrate that we truly are the backbone that reinforces and supports our command structure and commanders.
CWO Michael Hamilton of the Canadian Army, CSEL Multinational Corps Northeast / Photo by Hanz-Peter Alzner (MNC NE archive)
Conference attendees at HQ NRDC-ESP / Photo by NRDC-ESP
Conference attendees in Valencia Military Museum / Photo by NRDC-ESP

Next steps will further seek to codify the leadership team concept across our NFS by adapting realistic terms of reference and job descriptions. CWO Mathers, in concert with Commander LANDCOM are uniquely positioned and focused and enabling these measures.

This two-day conference also had the added benefit of having the attendance of the Army Sergeant-Majors from the United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden and Hungary. Using the Sergeant-Major network, direct dialogue between NFS and National Army level command was able to occur, each highlighting concerns and ideas for future improvements.

The next CSEL/CSM meeting will occur during the LANDCOM Commander's Conference scheduled for September in Münster Germany, where next steps will be discussed, including setting strategic goals for the continued development and advancement of our NCOs and NCMs.

Story by CWO Michael Hamilton, CSEL Multinational Corps Northeast

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