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Change of Command Ceremony at the Command Support Brigade in Wałcz (POL)

The Command Support Brigade is a formation assigned to Multinational Corps Northeast for exercises, operations or missions. The formation is as unique as the Corps in terms of its multinational character.

The Headquarters of the Command Support Brigade is situated in Stargard, Poland, but the subordinate units are located in different places. German 610th Signal Battalion is stationed in Prenzlau, Germany, whereas Polish 100th Signal Battalion and 104th Support Battalion are situated in Wałcz, Poland.

Command Support Brigade's task is to establish, operate and maintain four "bodies" or levels of command, i.e. Main Headquarters, Alternate Command Post, Forward Command Element and Headquarters Support Cluster. Moreover, the CSB is to enable the MNC NE to operate independently and this is why it has to provide for accommodation, transportation and messing, security and force protection, power supply etc.

Finally, establishing, operating and maintaining the Communication and Information System (CIS) is also included in the CSB's tasks.

On 5th of August, a Change of Command Ceremony at the Command Support Brigade took place.

We often say that in the military change is the evidence of continuity of command,

said COL Jacek ROLAK who was handing over the command of the Command Support Brigade.

The commander emphasized that the success of this "exceptional brigade" can be attributed not only to its commanders, but most importantly, to a good and determined team comprising the command and its subordinate batallions. COL ROLAK thanked his soldiers and stressed out how proud he was to command "such a wonderful group of people".

"Stargard and Wałcz are both very friendly towards the army," said the outgoing commander thanking the local authorities of the towns where the brigade units are stationed. He also thanked the commanders of units cooperating with CSB and the representatives of uniformed services and various associations. The Deputy Commander of CSB, COL Zbigniew LABUDA took over the command of the Brigade, who will serve as who is the Brigade interim commander until the end of September.

The ceremony was attended by Michał JACH, Chairman of the National Defence Committee of the Sejm (Polish Parliament), BGEN Marek WAWRZYNKIAK, Acting Inspector for Branches of the Armed Forces (Polish Armed Forces General Command), MGEN Dariusz PARYLAK, Commander of 12th Mechanized Division in Szczecin, representatives of the local authorities from Stargard and Wałcz, commanders of military units and institutions as well as uniformed services.

It was a momentous ceremony for all the soldiers of the Brigade, because we bid farewell to our commander, COL ROLAK, after five and a half years in command; as he himself said he had been involved with the Command Support Brigade since 2007 and treated it as his child. We would like to thank you, Commander, that you've always seen us as your "beloved children".


Story by Multinational Corps Northeast Public Affairs Office (English version); original story by Brygada Wsparcia Dowodzenia Wielonarodowego Korpusu Północny-Wschód

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