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Sep 24 2021

Corps' Multinational Division North East soldier receives top NATO award

SZCZECIN, Poland - Serving with Headquarters Multinational Division North East (MND-NE), the Polish Army Staff Sergeant Marcin Siedlecki received the NATO Force Structure Top Soldier Award from Lieutenant General Roger L. Cloutier Jr., Commander Allied Land Command (LANDCOM). The award was presented to SSGT Siedlecki during the bi-annual LANDCOM Corps Commanders Conference (21-22 September). 

The NATO Force Structure Top Soldier Award was established  by the LANDCOM Commander in order to recognize superior performance, professional excellence and significant contributions to NATO from junior officers and Non-Commisioned Officers.

SSGT Siedlecki was awarded for his contribution to the establishment of HQ Multinational Division North East as well as his spotless service record. SSGT Siedlecki has been a member of the Corps' divisional headquarters in the G4 Medical Branch since 2017. He proved himself to be a professional expert and a role model for junior colleagues.

His passion for emergency medical services has added incalculable value to MND-NE's operations, Siedlecki's teammates say.
The Polish Army SSGT Marcin Siedlecki displays the NATO Force Structure Top Soldier Award / Photo by CPT Agnieszka Pytko

Apart from LTG Cloutier, the ceremony held in Münster saw CWO Kevin Mathers (CSEL LANDCOM), MG Ulrich Hellebjerg (DCOM Multinational Corps Northeast) and CWO Michael Hamilton (CSEL Multinational Corps Northeast). "An exemplary model of military professionalism and  dedication, SSGT Siedlecki demonstrates the ongoing commitment to excellence in the Multinational Corps Northeast Command," CWO Hamilton stated.

As part of Multinational Corps Northeast, Multinational Division North East with its headquarters in Elbląg, Poland, coordinates activities of the Lithuanian Iron Wolf and Polish 15th Mechanized Brigade as well as their subordinate enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battle Groups. In this way, the Division Headquarters strengthens the integration between NATO's eFP battalions with their respective Host Nation Defence Forces so they can act together in a variety of settings including combat. Operating at a high level of readiness, the Corps' divisional command is prepared to carry out collective defence operations in accordance with Article 5 of the Washington Treaty.

Story by Multinational Corps Northeast Public Affairs Office

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