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Apr 23 2021

Multinational Division North's exercise Knight Lavard 21 concludes in Latvia

Ādaži, Latvia - On April 14-23, staff from across NATO joined Headquarters Multinational Division North (HQ MND-N) for exercise Knight Lavard 21 (KNLA21) in Latvia. This Command Post Exercise constitutes an important step on the Division Headquarters way to Full Operational Capability. KNLA21 furthered HQ MND-N’s integration into NATO´'s regional tasks and structures. 

Among participants were the staff from Multinational Corps North East, MND-N’s higher command. The aim of the exercise was to train the affiliated regional brigade’s headquarters and to integrate the structures and processes of the divisional headquarters’ own staff. The preparations to execute KNLA21 began months before the exercise. They encompassed the coordination of the units, development of the exercise game-play, communications set-up and many other lesser tasks necessary to make a huge operation come to the effect.

The exercise game-play was based on plans developed during exercise KNIGHT BROADSWORD in 2020. Those plans were now put to the test in the KNLA21 scenario where an adversary made an attack on the assigned brigade’s area of responsibility. Commanders, staff and specialists in the headquarters had to keep operating, handling multiple tasks and take the right decisions to push the aggressor back.

Brigadier General Lennie Fredskov, Chief of Staff HQ MND-N, is satisfied with the way KNLA21 has unfolded: “First of all, we are very pleased that despite the serious situation with COVID-19 we were able to conduct this exercise safely and successfully. KNLA21 is the key event in the development of Headquarters Multinational Division North towards becoming fully operational. It is also immensely important for the integration between division and its brigades. During the exercise, we gained experience with processes and procedures, and got new tactical insights, exchanged tactical perspectives as well as employed new methods.

Through this exercise, Multinational Division North, NATO in Estonia and Latvia as well as their defense have grown stronger, the General summarized.

The exercise site, including the Main Command Post, was personally visited by Major General Ulrich Hellebjerg, Deputy Commander Multinational Corps Northeast (MNCNE). Once fully operational, the Division Headquarters will constitute a significant element within the MNCNE chain of command. Their staff will coordinate activities of the enhanced Forward Presence Battle Groups in Estonia and Latvia, and oversee two national brigades the eFP battalions have been assigned to. Together with Multinational Division North East, MND-N will complement the security architecture in the Baltic Sea region.

Guards at the entrance to the Main Command Post during KNLA21 / Photo by HQ MND-N PAO
Staff working at the Main Command Post during KNLA21 / Photo by HQ MND-N PAO 
MG Ulrich Hellebjerg (DCOM MNCNE) and MG Flemming Mathiasen (COM  MND-N) during KNLA21 / Photo by HQ MND-N PAO  

Story by Multinational Division North Public Affairs Office

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