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Aug 12 2021


On 12 August the Multinational Corps Northeast celebrated the Polish Armed Forces Day.

It is a national holiday celebrated annually on 15 August in Poland, commemorating the anniversary of a decisive Polish victory over Soviet Russia at the Battle of Warsaw in 1920, during the Polish-Soviet War.

In the event known as the 'Miracle on the Vistula', the Polish Armed Forces successfully repelled the Red Army's offensive outside Warsaw in August 1920. The defeat of the Soviet forces saved the capital and ensured the survival of the young Second Polish Republic.

The Soldier's Day was proclaimed in 1923 and the date of 15 August was chosen to commemorate the decisive moment of the Battle.


Following a Holy Mass in the Garrison Church in Szczecin, the MNCNE delegation paid tribute to the fallen soldiers. After the Honour Guard, the Colour Guard and the Flag Party marched in, the Polish flag was raised and the participants listened to the Polish national anthem played by the Polish Military Music Band.

The event was topped off by the Medal Ceremony.

Medals were given to staff members who had distinguished themselves by their professional conduct.

Story by Multinational Corps Northeast Public Affairs Office

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