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May 17 2021


Székesfehérvár, Hungary - On 11 May, Major General Terrence McKenrick, Deputy Commanding General of the United States Army’s Fifth Corps (V Corps), visited NATO Force Integration Unit Hungary (NFIU HUN) at the very beginning of the unit’s second evaluation exercise PRECISE RECEPTION 21.

Throughout this week, NFIU HUN will again put its capabilities to the test and must demonstrate that the unit is able to perform its core duties accurately and professionally at any given time. By fulfilling its core mission to facilitate the rapid deployment of Allied forces to the Eastern part of the Alliance, NFIU HUN improves the Alliance’s ability to respond to threats. It also supports collective defence planning as well as coordinates and assists in NATO, international and US exercises and trainings in Hungary. What is more, this multinational unit plays a crucial role in enhancing coordination and interoperability between the Hungarian Defence Forces and NATO.

MGEN McKenrick (DCOM V Corps) and COL Topor (COM NFIU HUN) / Photo by MAJ Gyula Harnocz

During his stay in Hungary MGEN McKenrick participated in several meetings and visits. Since designated units of the US Army are presently involved in exercise STEPPE ARCHER 21 - which is also being constantly monitored by NFIU HUN – in addition to HDF Papa Base Airport, MGEN McKenrick paid a call to US troops in the HDF Central Training Area. Today, the general arrived at NFIU HUN after his visit to Headquarters Multinational Division Centre (HQ MND-C), a recently established NATO command in Hungary also located in Székesfehérvár.

As NFIU HUN carried out the MINIEX today, which immediately precedes its evaluation exercise, MGEN McKenrick was given a comprehensive report by our Operations Branch Head who briefed him about our ongoing activities, exercise preparations and the tasks of our Situational Awareness Centre. This centre will be operational not only during NFIU HUN’s own exercise but also during the whole period of DEFENDER EUROPE 21, allowing us to continuously monitor and report to our NATO command about DE21 and its related exercises.

Summarizing his impressions, MGEN McKenrick stated that he was able to successfully build relations with his Hungarian partners and emphasized the important role of NFIU HUN in ensuring deterrence and assisting military forces in moving quickly and efficiently across the country during crisis.

Story by NATO Force Integration Unit Hungary Public Affairs Office (MAJ Gyula Harnocz)

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