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Apr 14 2022

Command Senior Enlisted Leader MNC NE meets with Non-Commissioned Officers of Command Support Brigade

SZCZECIN, Poland – On 12 April in Wałcz, Poland, CWO Michael Hamilton, Command Senior Enlisted Leader Multinational Corps Northeast (CSEL MNC NE) met with the MNC NE Command Support Brigade (CSB) Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs). In his address, CWO Hamilton spoke about the crucial role NCOs bring to every military organization.

CSEL MNC NE appreciated the opportunity to directly interact with the Brigade's soldiers. In attendance were NCOs from the CSB 100th Signal, 104th Logistics and 610th Signal Battalions. Hosted by WO Michał Banasik, Command Sergeant-Major for the Brigade, the event served to empower NCOs and highlight their roles and responsibilities within the Corps command.

My key message is the need to always improve, adapt and enhance operational outputs from NCOs through academics, experiential events, formal individual courses and collective training events. This will lead to a stronger, more agile NCO corps that merges seamlessly with commanders.

CWO Hamilton speaks to the MNC NE Command Support Brigade's NCOs / Photo by CSB 
In his address, CWO Hamilton emphasized the crucial role of NCOs in every military organization / Photo by CSB

As emphasized by CWO Hamilton, NCOs enable command and contribute to an effective leadership team by providing advice grounded in critical thinking, supported by ethical reasoning and cultured in practical experience. Additionally, CSEL MNC NE underscored the ever increasing responsibilities of NCOs depending on mission command and distributed leadership:

NCOs are the agents of change—direction will always come top down, however, NCOs are the face of change using their communication abilities down to the tactical level.

"We need to not only declare we are the backbone of the army as described by Kipling, but own it by ensuring we are the guardians of stewardship of resources, excellence in training, masters of our trades and keepers of customs and traditions," he added.

At the same time, CWO Hamilton highlighted that meeting such as this one were some of the greatest tools to deepen the understanding of the MNC NE status within the NATO Force Structure amongst NCOs serving at the Corps' subordinate units. Amid challenges posed by the pandemic, it is the more important to draw from face-to-face exchanges and engage in direct dialogue.

While bringing his remarks to a close, CWO Hamilton stated: "Multinational Corps Northeast is superbly supported by a diverse base of soldiers, who are technical experts in their chosen trade."
During CWO Hamilton's address, in attendance were Polish and German NCOs who form the Corps Command Support Bde / Photo by CSB

Story by Multinational Corps Northeast Public Affairs Office

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