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Dec 9 2022

Communicators from Multinational Corps Northeast and Bundeswehr Operational Communications Centre strengthen cooperation

SZCZECIN, Poland – On November 21-24, Multinational Corps Northeast’s Strategic Communications (STRATCOM) division conducted a working visit to the Bundeswehr Operational Communications Centre (BwOCC), based in Mayen, Germany, in order to enhance the cooperative relationships and exchange knowledge.

The visit served to gain a common understanding of the working procedures within both organisations so that they can establish and facilitate close cooperation in the field of STRATCOM.

The current challenges underline the necessity that NATO communicators and functional area-related military entities in each NATO country work more collectively together,

Colonel Rafał Zgryziewicz, Assistant Chief of Staff STRATCOM for Multinational Corps Northeast (MNC NE), emphasized.

In his opening remarks, Colonel Erich Mosblech, Chief of Staff Bundeswehr Operational Communication Centre, stressed that the event would benefit the Centre’s personnel with regard to strengthening ties to the NATO communicators’ community. BwOCC contributes to the Alliance’s mission and exercises, which was one of the main themes of the presentation given by the Centre’s Operations division.

Communicators from Multinational Corps Northeast and Bundeswehr's Operational Communications Centre got together in Mayen, Germany to exchange knowledge and foster new ways of collaboration / Photos by MSG Adam Struzyna

During the visit, the staffs held in-depth discussions on the structure, capabilities and capacities of their organisations. In detailed sessions, the Information Environment (IE) divisions discussed the IE assessment in addition to technics and systems they use to get that done effectively. A BwOCC data analyst gave an update on their network analysis which is done by an artificial intelligence computer program. 

Following the visit, the MNC NE STRATCOM personnel shall participate in the Distinguished Visitors Day for exercise Active Volcano 2023 and the subsequent Commanders’ Conference in Mayen, February 1-2, 2023. The BwOCC exercise Active Volcano is designed to exercise Combined Operational Communication Capabilities in order to test both national and NATO processes, train officer cadets and improve Allied interoperability. “Communication matters, and establishing good relationships with all entities within NATO and NATO's nations is key to success,” Colonel Zgryziewicz summarised.

Colonels Zgryziewicz and Mosblech exchange handshakes during MNC NE's visit to Bundeswehr's Operational Communications Centre in Mayen, Germany / Photo by MSG Adam Struzyna

Story by Multinational Corps Northeast Public Affairs Office

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