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Jul 25 2022

NATO eFP Battlegroup Estonia uses leading-edge technologies to hone reconnaissance skills

SZCZECIN, Poland - On 12-16 July, the enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battlegroup Estonia conducted exercise Dragon Hunt. Carried out in the Estonian woodlands near Tapa, the training exercise honed NATO soldiers' camouflage and reconnaissance (recce) skills.

Dragon Hunt was designed to test camouflage and reconnaissance techniques. The Estonian environment offers unique training opportunities, including those related to fighting in woods and forests. The Dragon Hunt participants used a range of capabilities and means, such as drones and electromagnetic surveillance, to find camouflaged enemy positions. It enabled them to conduct recces in preparation for future attacks. Combined with traditional soldiering skills, these technologies make it possible for commanders to take advantage of opportunities more quickly when they arise on the battlefield.

Exercise Dragon Hunt allowed for the eFP Battlegroup (including the French Army soldiers) to hone camouflage and reconnaissance skills / Photos by France's Ministry of Defence

The eFP Battlegroup's British, Danish and French soldiers were reinforced by the Royal Air Force (RAF) 27th Support Helicopter Squadron equipped with Chinook helicopters. The Chinooks (CH-47) inserted the eFP recce who identified the targets and passed them off to the Javelin platoon for a night strike.

As part of exercise Dragon Hunt, the eFP Battlegroup combined cutting-edge technology with traditional soldiering skills / Photos by British Army, RAF, France's Ministry of Defence

Story by Multinational Corps Northeast Public Affairs Office

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