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Nov 2 2023

Junior Non-Commissioned Officers sharpen leadership skills in Poland

SZCZECIN, Poland  Junior Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) with the Polish 15th Mechanised Infantry Brigade completed the grueling 9-day course "Wolf 2.0.". Conducted in October, it was designed to identify future leaders, and consisted of a series of intense physical and mental challenges. The 15th Mechanised Infantry Brigade provides command and control for the U.S.-led multinational NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup Poland.

Soldiers participating in "Wolf 2.0." endured multiple events such as various warrior tasks and drills that not only tested their individual endurance, strength and perseverance but their teamwork skills as well. The course instructors assessed each participant's capabilities for leading a team under adverse conditions, their resistance to physical fatigue, and how they respond to time pressure, stress and mental strain.

Additionally, the attendees were mentored by psychologists, and discussed a great many subjects crucial for effective leadership, including building trust, giving/receiving feedback, creating a culture of accountability, and more. Mental health specialists were available to the participating Junior NCOs throughout the course and would help them address any issues they raised.

Junior NCOs went through various lanes, including medical evacuations, working in a chemical hazard environment and reacting to contact © Private (OR-2) Monika Woroniecka

"Wolf" has been organised by the 15th Mechanised Infantry Brigade for 8 years. It is meant to highlight the importance of NCOs in the command structure. These enlisted soldiers are critical enablers across every professional armed force, and given their essential roles and responsibilities — quintessential leaders within the military profession. They have specialized skills and duties, and supervise lower ranks to ensure assignments are conducted properly. NCOs execute training schedules for their units and evaluate the performance levels of their enlisted members. They also hold major decision-making responsibilities when it comes to planning combat exercises and strategies.

 Service members had to rely on their skills and teams to emerge victoriously in order to join "the pack of leaders" © Private (OR-2) Monika Woroniecka

Story by Multinational Corps Northeast Public Affairs Office

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